WWU Hosts NAD Ministerial Conference

June 29, 2017

Between June 5 and 7, more than 35 representatives from Seventh-day Adventist institutions of higher education, the North American Division (NAD) ministerial department and the North Pacific Union Conference met by invitation at the Walla Walla University (WWU) campus for the North American Division Ministerial Conference.

The conference was formed for the purpose of coordinating theological education throughout the NAD and has met twice previous to the event at WWU. This year, the group’s discussions focused on composing a standard set of student learning outcomes to be incorporated into all NAD theological programs. The group also discussed seminary education and the prospect of continuing education for ministers after ordination.

Dave Thomas, WWU School of Theology chair, observed that the conference members were “highly impressed” with the hospitality they received on campus. The group appreciated the campus and its amenities and were especially struck by the friendliness of the students. They were impressed too by the humanitarian interest demonstrated by students through initiatives like Hope for the Hills, Engineers Without Borders and the student missions program.

The North American Division Ministerial Conference is expected to meet annually for the next few years to continue its collaborative work in standardizing the division’s theological education.

Emily Huso, WWU university relations student writer