LAA's Kindergarten Class Bridges the Gap

June 21, 2017 | Sherry Galvez

Livingstone Adventist Academy’s kindergarten class has been working to bridge the gap between our local churches and the school in Salem, Ore. Being a school with seven constituent churches, Livingstone has a daunting task connecting them, but we have been doing our part.

The kindergarten class has participated and performed in almost all of the congregations in the last few months. The kids have performed bells and special music numbers. They have overtaken the kindergarten Sabbath School classes at the churches they have visited, much to the teachers' delight, as they scramble to find more chairs with big smiles on their faces.

Most of the families have stayed and enjoyed a fellowship dinner. Dallas Church had a special potluck for us, for which they decorated the tables with Cuties mandarins and chocolate eggs, much to the kids' excitement. After performing at InsideOut Ministries (South Salem Church), I came to the school and found a beautiful cup with goodies in it, a thank you from the pastoral team for coming and being a part of their service. At Central Salem Church we were able to be a part of the sermon time, which was really special.

The parents have voiced appreciation for arranging for their kids to be a part of the worship services and commented how fun it’s been to go to all the different churches. So many people have come up and expressed appreciation for us coming and being involved in their services. The kids have increasingly become less inhibited about going up front to perform and are starting to really enjoy it. It’s been so good for them. The kids have had so much fun as they perform at their own local church, showing me around the facilities and letting me know how things are done there.

Pray for us as we continue to minister in our surrounding local churches.