Grants Pass Members Are 'Growing! & Going!'

June 30, 2017

Shortly after her baptism on June 3, 2016, Carrie Hise had questions and craved a sense of "belonging." In these discussions with other new (and renewed) Christians, she found she was not alone. Hise wondered if serious spiritual mentoring was possible in the Grants Pass Church.

She became convicted that new Christians need to be mentored in order to become disciples. In this way, they can fulfill the Great Commission. Hise approached Bible worker Chuck Austin. In turn, they presented the idea to Christian Martin, their pastor. "Growing! & Going!" began to take shape. A small committee was formed and the program developed.

On May 21, Growing! & Going! officially launched. Mentors and mentees gathered in the Better Living Center for a Meet Your Match event. In previous weeks, profile forms were sent to mentees and those invited to be mentors. The committee reviewed completed forms and prayed over them for seven days.

Martin recently accepted the call to pastor the Denver South Church in Colorado. Following this change, Austin and his wife, Alta, announced they were moving to Chicago, Ill. The committee remained committed to this ministry. They regularly met and continued to lay the groundwork for this 12-month program.

Martin was available via smartphone that morning. He offered a prayer before Meet Your Match began. Following a delicious breakfast and opening presentation by Hise, participants were able to meet their matches. Color-coded invitations led each mentee to their assigned mentor. The matches then had opportunity to visit and talk about dreams and goals. Phone numbers were exchanged, and plans to visit after this event were made. After the Meet Your Match program, mentees were dismissed. Mentors met for a brief workshop, learning additional skills on how to be an effective mentor.

Growing! & Going! will provide a supportive environment where new believers can grow in Christ. The ultimate goal is for mentees to become mentors. As new church members are baptized, the program will also be part of their journey. A smooth transition into the program at any point throughout the 12-month curriculum is possible by a well-organized structure. It will be exciting where God will lead this ministry. 

Jennifer Burkes and Carrie Hise