Granger Spanish Celebrates New Church

June 02, 2017 | Jay Wintermeyer

Members from the Granger Spanish Church in Granger, Wash., gathered Sabbath, April 15, 2017, to celebrate the grand opening of their newly purchased church building.

The morning of the special day dawned bright and clear. Deacons greeted people outside and directed arriving members and guests to available parking spaces. The doors of the church stood wide open, inviting people inside.

After Sabbath School members shared personal testimonies and special music to praise God for the way the church building came to be purchased.

One of the elders stood and said, “I passed by this building every day for years and never thought we would own this. God made it happen and brought our dreams to reality.”

Andrew McCrary, Upper Columbia Conference trust services director, preached about God’s leading and call on each member to follow and be used for reaching the Granger community. He said, “This is a miracle church. It should not have sold. God wants to use this church to work greater miracles through you in this community. God is intensely interested in the community where you live. He wants to make a difference through you. He wants to do great miracles through you.”

At the close of the service, Paul Hoover, Upper Columbia Conference president, invited members and guests to stand for a special prayer of dedication on the church building and the members. In his appeal he said, “Today we rejoice as we give birth to a new church. May not only this house be dedicated but each of us be dedicated to God’s glory.”

The Granger Spanish Church has a long history in the region. The Hispanic work in Upper Columbia Conference began in the area and coalesced into a body of believers back in the 1970s.

In his dedication, Hoover said, “It is so exciting to see this growing church of believers move into their very own church building, eager for what God has in store for them and their community. We celebrate with them.”