AMEN Clinic Offers Vision for Ministry

June 29, 2017

The sunshine coming through the stained-glass windows patted students’ heads, reassuring us that, indeed, it was morning and God had made it. Oh God, help your child today. Help me serve. Today was setup day for the Idaho AMEN (Adventist Medical Evangelism Network) Clinic.

Oh, all the T-shirts I folded. Hundreds would be volunteering, and all the shirts had to be sorted by size and gender, counted, and recounted.  Other people are just standing around. I’m so tired of folding. And standing. Do we really have to wear these things? “Why are the shirts so ugly? They probably wanted a color nobody else would wear,” I wailed.

On the day the clinic started, I prayed that God would help me serve. I knew I could not have a bad attitude, working closer to people in need than I had ever done before. The three-day medical clinic was actually starting, and people would be coming for free care. God surely could not bless these people through me if I was not all in. So please use me. I’m in. I’m Yours.

This was a busy clinic. Running glasses back and forth to where the prescription lenses were cut, standing until my legs hurt, I wished for a chance to talk to the people who had come for help. My life spark seemed to be draining; the day dragged.

I attempted to put a professional bounce back into my step as I approached the white-mustached man to give him glasses I thought were his. They weren’t. I reached out a hand to shake his anyway. He hesitated for a moment, a flicker of surprise playing across his face. He hadn’t expected a clean, teenage girl to shake his dirty hand. Later, he shook my hand again and thanked me for volunteering. 

The people were so grateful. I had assumed that they might be rough and rude, but you can’t assume. I also learned something about myself — I could talk to people! Knowing that I could help these people tore down walls, yet Someone beyond me was helping because I could never have the courage to smile if it weren’t for that help. AMEN Clinic, Gem State Adventist Academy and God’s love worked out something I didn’t know could happen.

I’m still not in love with the AMEN Clinic shirts, but the motto stands out: Love Heals. It does, and I would volunteer again.

Jamie Jansen