Heart Health Offered Halfway Around the World

May 02, 2017 | Jeanne Barrett-Usher

In January of this year, Stan Orser and his son, Taylor, went to India for Healthy Heart India Ministries. Stan Orser gave a report on March to the Post Falls (Idaho) Church about their experiences — and the church was filled to bursting, as so many were eager to hear about this ministry. Even Orser’s parents, Del and Bonnie Orser, were in attendance, after just returning themselves from their own two-month mission trip to India.

This is Stan Orser’s third year going to India after being recruited by Jim Reynolds for Healthy Heart India. Three years ago, Orser was part of teaching eight women to go into villages to teach the people there about simple sanitation and other common-to-us health principles. Last year Orser brought his stepson Ashton (an aspiring physical therapist) with him, and they taught 43 women basic health issues, along with practical medical training.

This year the venue for the teaching was Hope Academy in Ongole, where they instructed 70 women in issues such as the use of charcoal, blood pressure, the use of lemon water (citrus is so plentiful there), the benefits of brown rice compared to white, the necessity of having good posture, staying hydrated, water purification, physical therapy and hospice care. They also gave them obstetrics and delivery capabilities. 

With four groups of women being taught in the morning and instructors rotating between them, each afternoon the women went into nearby villages, visiting door to door and keeping notes of the needs of the village. Once fully trained, as each woman works taking down the medical information in the village for which she's responsible, she has a chance to earn an income and to have her husband accompany her. 

The women are paid monthly for their work, for which they receive $45 a month. The requirement is to go to eight homes in a day, in an area encompassing three villages.

To continue further nurses training is about $500 each. The Post Falls Church sponsored four Healthy Heart India women for a year through donations prior to Orser’s life-changing trip.

This Healthy Heart India ministry has touched many, many lives. Orser and his wife, Jodi, own and manage Action Printers in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, and were able each year to print and distribute (over many square miles in India) 20,000 fliers with a picture of Jesus, from a painting by church member Loretta Jenkins. That’s 60,000 beautiful pictures of Jesus, who has become the Best Friend for many in the area of this vibrant and growing health ministry.