Grants Pass Pathfinders Welcome New Leader

May 26, 2017 | Jennifer Burkes

On March 30, 2017, the joy of young people serving the Lord was on display at the Grants Pass Church in Grants Pass, Ore., during Pathfinder Sabbath.

Pathfinder Sabbath included the processional, Scripture and prayer, praise music, and drama. Enthusiastic young people communicated God’s love. Highlights of the past year were shared, which included community outreach and evangelism.

Eric Wagner was called to be director late in the Pathfinder year. His leadership skills and rich experience with Pathfinders have made him an ideal choice to fill this position.

Wagner is the co-founder of i7 Marketing, a full-service online marketing agency. His work and commitments within the church keep him busy as it is. When asked why he accepted the call to be Pathfinder director, he replied, “I believe God wanted me to. If God wants me doing this, I know that's where I need to be.” 

Growing up, Pathfinders gave Wagner a chance to learn and experience in diverse areas. He fondly remembers building model rockets, as well as learning first aid, archery and sewing. Wagner credits Pathfinders for providing positive reinforcement and the desire to learn and grow. As director, he sees the objective of Pathfinders as “growing committed Christians and successful adults.” 

Pathfinders provides a place for friendships, with other children and adults who truly care. Of his experience, Wagner said, "Looking back, I can see that those early morning worships and religious discussions with my unit counselor on camping trips had a huge impact on who I am today."

Wagner’s hope is that he has helped provide each Pathfinder with interests, hobbies and skills that will serve them well throughout their lives. He hopes his involvement has helped to cultivate a positive attitude towards further learning. If the Lord wills, he will continue to serve as Pathfinder director in coming years.