Amazing Grace Academy Brings Week of Prayer to Togiak

May 02, 2017 | Nic Owens

It’s a cold, crisp day in Togiak when we arrive. The bay lies frozen over by the extreme cold of winter, the sun oblique in the sky is making its ascent towards summer. Most of the students were on their first trip to bush Alaska and one had experienced her first airplane trip. Our group consisted of two seniors, one junior, a sophomore and two freshman from Amazing Grace Academy in Palmer.

Excitement abounded as we made our way to the mission and we were soon lost in the planning and hubbub of our Week of Prayer. The plan was to conduct a student-led Week of Prayer for grades 6–12 in the village of Togiak. What we experienced was something quite different. We had interest from adults and children alike and settled into a routine of children ranging from 5 to 16 years old.  Our theme was “Is God Real?” and we enjoyed that reality as God answered prayer after prayer.

I have taken many trips with students and am always amazed at what students do in situations where they are allowed to take responsibility and leadership. If you have never had that opportunity you should try to get in on one of those trips. You will be amazed not just at the students' abilities but also at the way God leads. Our week was replete with prayer, studying, mingling, crying and, of course, a lack of sleep, but God pulled through for us over and over again. In the end, God was victorious in our struggles, and we left Togiak with 13 kids wanting baptism and a score more wanting Bible studies. What struck me more than any of this is that in our weakness and ignorance, He blesses and leads.