April 15, 2017

Response to Racism

I really appreciated Martin Weber's "A Sanctuary From Racism" article. When I was a young teen, and my family was living in Alaska, we befriended Caren, an exchange high school student from Kenya who was attending a Catholic high school in Copper Center, Alaska. From time to time she would come to our home in Palmer and spend the weekend with us.

When Caren graduated, we suggested that she consider attending Walla Walla College to further her education. To our utter horror and dismay, she received a letter back from the administration saying, "Sorry, we don't accept black students." I am glad that this is no longer true, but as followers of Jesus, we must guard our hearts against any form of not accepting others because of their color, race or ethnicity.

Cheri Armstrong, Athena, Ore.

Pause the Uncivil War

It seems we now have two nations in one. We appear to be in some form of civil war ... . And, now most tragically our church seems to be in one. Jesus said, "A house divided against itself cannot stand." We pray for our nation and our church ... . If we could press the pause button on our quarreling and unite to fight God's battles, I think we would be greatly blessed.

Linda Kinne, Estacada, Ore.

Pass the Correction Plate

EDITOR'S NOTE: Thanks to reader Carl Bankes for pointing out an incomplete Ellen White quotation in Seth Pierce's February issue Perspective article. The complete quote (with previously missing words in italics) should have read, “It is a solemn statement that I make to the church that not one in twenty whose names are registered upon the church books are prepared to close their earthly history, and would be as verily without God and without hope in the world as the common sinner.”