March 25, 2017

Thanks for 'Let's Talk' Memories

I was sorry to read that you will not be writing "Let's Talk" in the Gleaner in the future. Just wanted you to know that you will be missed. I always look forward to your column every time I receive an issue. While I know your replacement and look forward to reading his thoughts, I have really enjoyed your pieces because they are always based on some very practical and down-to-earth ideas. Thank you for making the Gleaner a great publication.

Myron Whiting, College Place, Wash.

No, no, no! Dick Duerksen is a wonderful writer, but add him, don't ax yourself! I don't have time to read much of the Gleaner or even the Review, but I always get your editorial read (and Seth's and almost always Martin's) and feel like I've gotten food for thought! Could you at least write something every other issue? Please?

Liz Trupp, Battle Ground, Wash.

I just read your "farewell article" in the Gleaner — and I do remember your first one about the stinky paper! I have very much enjoyed your articles, and I am sad you are handing over the reins. But I know Dick will do a great job as well, and I look forward to hearing from him. Thank you for the thought-provoking articles for the past many years — and for the quality paper you do every month for us.  

Lara Dowie, Vancouver, Wash.

I have been enjoying your column "Let's Talk" for nine years. I look forward to it with every issue. Now you tell me it is not going to be there anymore. That makes me sad. Why can't we have [Dick Duerksen’s articles] in addition to your column? We need your insight, Steve, and your special way of showing us the importance of different issues. Thank you so much for your guidance and please consider continuing your column.

Dennis J. Whitted, Gresham, Ore.

The final words in Steve Vistaunet's January "Let's Talk": "Consider it, instead, a free upgrade" in regards to Mr. Vistaunet's "retirement" from his column is not true in my estimation. I will think of it as only a change. Please let Steve know how much I will miss the tenets of his articles so wittingly woven in his entertaining stories. It is his page that I would save for last to read — not because it was last, but because I enjoyed it the most.

Adria Hay, Hoquiam, Wash.

I've only written in once before, and that was to complain/point out an error. And yet for the past eight years I've enjoyed reading your column, your humility, honesty and humor. So when I just read you are turning your back page spot over to someone else, I have to say I am sorry and have very much appreciated your contributions. Thank you!

Loy Dixon, Great Falls, Mont.

Just read that you are turning over your back page to another. I wanted to let you know that I am jealous over my time and extremely picky when it comes to reading material (I rarely read the cover articles for any Adventist publication). Perhaps that is a curse of a theological education; nothing seems subtle enough to hold my attention. But I always found time to take in your thoughts. Thank you for sharing with and investing in your readership. I'm sure that I am one of many who appreciates your ministry. 

Joseph Olstad, Whitefish, Mont.

Steve Vistaunet responds: Thanks to all for such kind words. You'll love Dick Duerksen's column this month on that back page, and I'll continue to put in my two bits from time to time in editorials.