Southern Oregon Gets Foretaste of 'Latter Rain'

February 03, 2017

God blessed abundantly in drawing people to each of the Unlock Revelation seminars in southern Oregon. Twelve Adventist churches participated simultaneously during October and early November 2016, and early reports show more than 60 baptisms havee resulted.

Christian Martin, Grants Pass Church pastor, appealed to the Unlock Revelation attendees for a commitment after every session during the seminar. He called for anyone desiring to be baptized or rebaptized to complete and turn in a response card. The response was impressive, made possible only by God. Baptismal classes began in earnest soon after that particular appeal. Bible worker Chuck Austin was instrumental in leading these classes. 

Ten people were baptized Nov. 19, 2016: April Brennen, three members of the Franks family (parents Aaron and Selena and daughter Brianna), Kerri Dobbins, Ken Sharrow, Jaiden Carrillo, George Richard Clark, Krista Berubee-Burkes (a rebaptism), and Sean Gerber.

Each person recorded a short video describing how God has been working in their life. Each was a message of hope, praise and gratitude. For some, the walk with God began with a mailed brochure announcing the Unlock Revelation seminars. For others, they were reconsecrating their walk with God after certain trials. Some spoke of finding a “home” within the Adventist Church family, at last. The Holy Spirit performed a mighty work within these individuals and will continue to work with them.

Brennen shared, "I called up my dad and said, 'Dad, I have found God's true church.'"

Dobbins tells of how she was searching for a church for several months before receiving a brochure in the mail and says, "I now know that I have found home."

Sharrow and Clark also did not miss a single session along with several other attendees. Longtime church members, such as Bob Pierson, expressed, "Scheduling the meetings three nights a week with Sabbath morning being included made it very attractive. And the interesting, Bible-based presentations were a real blessing."

Addressing the enthusiastic congregation, Martin described the sound of the baptismal water as a foretaste of the “latter rain.” Indeed, this has been a season of preparing and of cultivating. God’s Word was planted in listeners, hearts were convicted, and what a joy it was to reap the harvest. Lives and hearts have been touched in Grants Pass and throughout southern Oregon.

In preparation for the baptismal celebration, Martin remarked, “You know it will be a joyful service when the entire sermon is spent in the water baptizing precious men, women and youth.” It was day that will forever be remembered.

Jennifer Burkes, Grants Pass Church communication leader, and Christian Martin, Grants Pass Church pastor