Log Truck Makes Christmas Eve Visit to McMinnville Church

February 20, 2017 | Michelle McMillen

It's not surprising that Sabbath, Dec. 24, 2016, was full of festive activities at the McMinnvilLe (Ore.) Church, since it was Christmas Eve. One of the highlights was hanging our gifts on the Giving Tree, and this year Project Patch was the recipient.

After the service there was another highlight: the dedication and anointing of a log truck, along with its owners, Willie and Daphne Brown. Now that's something you don't see every week.

Willie has been employed as a log and pole hauler for the past 24 years. With prompting from family and friends, he looked into what it would cost to go into business for himself, starting with buying and rebuilding the requisite truck and trailer.

As God opened doors, the Browns walked through. They saw His hand at work in providing ideas, financial aid and parts. They decided it was only fitting to name their new business venture “GWD8, LLC” to represent God, Willie, Daphne and the 8 acres God had provided, complete with a home and a shop where Willie could work on his truck.

When the truck was finished at the end of December, the Browns brought it to church so their pastor, Jerry Joubert, could dedicate and anoint it — and them — to God’s service. The following week it was put to work carrying its first load.