Lebanon Ministers With Ice Cream, Game Shows

February 03, 2017 | Esther Sayles

When building relationships with fellow church members and visitors, the best place to begin is on common ground. With that in mind, the Lebanon (Ore.) Church recently hosted a homemade ice cream and game show social focusing on building a sense of community in a casual, welcoming environment. 

The evening began with ice cream flavors ranging from the ever-popular basic vanilla to the eccentric (and hesitantly sampled) basil, plus holiday peppermint and even some healthier vegan options. The topping table was the highlight for the younger at heart and boasted fruit, sprinkles, whipped cream, syrups, nuts and caramel. 

Once bowls were emptied and spoons were licked clean, the evening progressed to familiar game shows played in teams. PowerPoint and a buzzer system allowed for the authentic experience of Jeopardy with question topics including science, history, mathematics, the Bible, famous quotes and “Adventisms.” The "Final Jeopardy" question challenged native Oregonians by asking which major holiday shares the same date as the state’s birthday (Valentine's Day).

Once scores were tallied and a winning team announced, the host displayed “the first item up for bid” and The Price Is Right launched into full swing. Each team guessed the price of the item in turn, with “the closest without going over” sending one contestant to play familiar pricing games such as the “Clock,” “Race,” “Dice” and “Hi Lo” plus “Pathfinder” and “Hole in One.” Spinning the “Big Wheel” was replaced with Plinko to determine the Showcase Showdown contestants who bid on either the “Romantic Getaway” featuring a symbolic all-expense-paid Beirut, Lebanon, vacation for two or “Get Moving,” which featured both walking and biking tours as well as a 2017 Corvette Z06 (courtesy of Hot Wheels).

“Our social committee chose an ice cream social and game night because nothing brings people of all ages together better than eating familiar but extra special treats in an environment of laughter and fun,” explains Johanna Hall. “Future social events include a white elephant gift exchange, soup contest, winter and summer campouts, an  Agape feast, July 4 picnic, and a scavenger hunt. We are excited to enjoy this ministry with both familiar and new friends.”