Angry Texts Turn Into Bible Study Connection

February 02, 2017 | Heidi Baumgartner

No name. Just a phone number, and an angry message late at night. “Don’t visit” read part of the text message.

Muriel Hrbek, Voice of Prophecy regional Bible instructor, knew this was a response from a personal Bible study cover letter and went through the stack of Bible study requests trying to figure out the sender so she could respect the request. She even sent a friendly text message reply to determine the person’s identity. No response.

A few days passed, and Hrbek was ready to head out with newly recruited Bible instructor Carrie Stitt to visit 20 homes in Federal Way, Wash. Hrbek sent another text message and received another angry response, still with no identification. Hrbek saved the number in her phone under the name “Soul for Jesus.”

Hrbek and Stitt went ahead with their visits, sure they would likely meet this angry person. They visited all 20 homes and had positive interactions at each home. Even one lady who was initially hesitant eventually accepted the Bible study and offered a gift of handmade Bible bookmarks.

Hrbek and Stitt still hadn’t figured out the source of the angry text messages. They were sure the messages came from this particular neighborhood in Federal Way, but they hadn’t found the person.

A few rounds of neighborhood Bible studies later, Hrbek received another text message from “Soul for Jesus” that read, “I’m so glad I changed my mind about Bible studies with you ladies.”

Still stumped on identity, Hrbek went through the cards again. It was time to leave for the next Bible study appointment with the bookmark lady, so she didn’t have too much more time to sleuth out the identity of “Soul for Jesus.”

At the Bible study with the bookmark lady, Hrbek and Stitt asked for her phone number so they could call and set up future appointments. The bookmark lady gave them a funny look and said, “You have it already.”

Hrbek checked her phone and sweetly said, “I really don’t have your number.” To finish exchanging numbers, Hrbek called the bookmark lady’s phone. The ringtone of “Because He Lives” began playing, and Hrbek’s phone number was already in the bookmark lady’s phone. This was “Soul for Jesus.”

God worked through four “no” responses (two by text message, two at the door) to make this Bible study connection and new friendship.