Libby Pathfinders Stay Busy Year-Round

January 06, 2017 | Lelia Mercill

Pathfindering is alive and well in Libby, Montana, where Darrin James is directing the local club, the Kootenai Eagles, as well as giving aid and advice and organization to other Montana clubs by fulfilling his duties as the Montana Conference Pathfinder coordinator.

The Libby club has been more than busy. Camping, traveling, meetings, honors, witnessing and can-collecting are just some of the activities that have brought the children and youth of the church and community together in wholesome activities.

Winter plans have included Thanksgiving food baskets, singing at the care center, Pinewood Derby competition and some winter camping, along with the regular meetings of classwork and honors. Many extra honors are completed by the Pathfinders who are also students of Libby Adventist Christian School, thanks to the teacher, Laurie James, incorporating the study of nature honors into her science program.

Do the youth of Libby like Pathfinders? It became obvious last summer when several of them turned down a chance to go to Silverwood, the north country’s biggest amusement park, because “there was Pathfindering to do.”