Grants Pass Reaches Out During First Friday

January 06, 2017 | Gloria Wilson

It was Friday night, Nov. 4 — opening night for the movie Hacksaw Ridge. Reports and Facebook posts revealed this film could be a tool to bring the Seventh-day Adventist Church to the forefront of people’s minds. While some had first heard about the church through the political candidacy of Ben Carson, this movie was destined to bring additional questions about what Adventists believe.

Some of the juniors/earliteens and the youth of the Grants Pass (Ore.) Church decided to capitalize on this unique opportunity to distribute the book Hero of Hacksaw Ridge, the condensed story of Desmond Doss. The books were purchased from Better Life Broadcasting Network (BLBN), which had the foresight to make fliers to stuff in the books. There was a bookmark with all the BLBN channels, a map of all the local Adventist churches and an attractive invitation to watch the Desmond Doss documentary on Better Life TV.

Knowing there would be many others passing the book out at the theater, a few young people went to downtown Grants Pass during First Friday, when all the stores are open at night. Accompanied by an adult, they went out two by two up and down both sides of Sixth and G streets. Some went into the stores. In 30 short minutes, they handed out 98 books. Those who took part were Alex Wiggers, Keiran Murphy, Bryan and Kaitlyn Gonzalez, and Kayla Herndon. The adults were Darla Day and Melissa Derfler.  

Some interesting contacts were made when talking to the people on the street — some homeless, some out for a good time. Herndon felt blessed when she gave her foot warmers to a homeless man. Most of the people were glad to get our free book. It was exciting to know they were witnessing to their community and some may be in heaven as a result. Talk about an endorphin rush, working for God has to be the ultimate experience. What a blessed way to start the Sabbath.