Answered Prayers Lead to Milo

January 05, 2017 | Kathy Hernandez

Diana Quiroz, a sophomore at Milo Adventist Academy in Days Creek, Ore., was raised in an Adventist Christian home in southern California. She knew her Bible well and went to church at least twice a week with her family. But in public school last year, Quiroz fought a constant battle in her mind.

“I began to doubt everything about my beliefs,” she says. “I felt like God was far away, and I struggled to feel close to God. Someone asked me, ‘Why do you believe in God?’ I didn’t have a definite answer, and that frustrated me.”

Quiroz had the opportunity to attend Milo her freshman year, but her parents felt she was too young to be so far from home. She was disappointed but decided to make the best of it, getting involved in many clubs and activities at her local public school.

Toward the end of the school year, she began thinking about her sophomore year. She thought she had lost the chance to study at Milo but “God had other plans," Quiroz explains. "I prayed about it, and I suddenly had this burning desire again to go to an Adventist school. I know God put those desires in my heart.”

Minutes later, Quiroz received an email from Milo asking if she would be interested in attending in the fall. Her acceptance and financial plan would still be valid. But sadly, her dad still didn’t want her to go away to school.

Quiroz had a friend who was excited to be going to Houston, Texas, for the summer to do literature evangelism. The friend invited Quiroz to join the team. “I wanted to know truth and experience God like I never had,” she says, admitting she knew it wouldn’t be easy to convince her father.

Months earlier, her youth pastor had invited Quiroz to preach at their church. The day arrived, and she was feeling God’s power, yet she was hesitant. “Satan had left a mental impact," she says, "and I felt the doubts still lingering.”

The sermon brought tears to her father’s eyes, and they had a long, heartfelt talk that evening. He told her that she reminded him of himself when he was young and of the fire he had felt burning within him to work for God. He not only gave Quiroz permission to go to Texas for the summer, he agreed she could study at Milo.

Since coming to Milo, Quiroz says, “I have seen God work in ways that I have never seen before, and I have felt His joy and peace in my life so strongly. I have deeper friendships with the people here and with God. Milo is a little piece of heaven to me, and my heart overflows with joy and gratitude for the opportunity to be here. The green trees and hills surrounded by beautiful nature show me who our heavenly Father is. I love the kindness of the people here who make me feel right at home. I love being able to use my talents for Him and having the opportunity to connect spiritually with others. He is helping me become firmer in my faith and has eliminated all doubts from my mind so that I can truly live my life for Him and do what God has planned for my life in the future.”

For more information about Milo Adventist Academy, contact Kathy Hernandez.