University Church Addresses Tough Questions

November 21, 2016 | Caleb Riston

The Walla Walla University Church is partway through an innovate sermon series in which students can ask the pastor anything. Sermon topics are determined weekly by a student committee, which sources questions from social media with the hashtag #wwuask.

Nobody knows — not even senior pastor Alex Bryan, who is the speaker for the series — what the topic will be until one week before the next sermon.

“In healthy families, no subject is off limits,” says Bryan. “Parents engage their children in subjects that count, in topics the next generation is curious about. This isn’t just about having difficult or even provocative conversations but about talking and listening to one another with care, with concern, with a desire to move toward places of health, holiness and love.”

Watch Bryan’s answers live each week at, where you can also find archives of previous presentations.