Students Garden From Seed to Plate

November 04, 2016 | Angela Binder

Students at Blodgett View Christian School in Hamilton have been working on growing their own garden. Angela Binder, the Blodgett View Christian School teacher, works with the students to learn how to plant in the garden.  

Last year the students who participated in Pathfinders were able to get the Gardening honor for their work. The students are learning how to plant seeds, water and weed the garden, know when to pick the vegetables and fruit, and cook with the food they pick. 

At the end of last year, the students got to choose what they wanted to plant in the garden. They planted carrots, tomatoes, strawberries, raspberries, mint, jalapeños and more.  

The students were so excited coming back to the school to see what had grown over the summer. The school allots about 30 minutes a week for the students to work in the garden. Older students pair with the younger students in order to teach them about each plant. Binder walks around and mentors them as they pick the produce.  

They take the produce back to the kitchen to clean and process. The students work together to wash, cut and bag the produce. 

Back in the classroom, the students pick what they want to cook with the fresh fruits and vegetables they worked so hard to grow. They chose carrot cake, salsa, spaghetti sauce, and strawberry and raspberry pies. They sat and ate their homemade salsa and chips while Binder read to them. The students are looking forward to many more creative ways to use their produce and herbs.