Milo Students Get Fit

November 05, 2016 | Kathy Hernandez

Every student at Milo Adventist Academy in Days Creek is using a Fitbit to track their progress for fitness class this year. “My goal is to bring the whole school together in practicing healthy habits through fitness and to carry these habits on through the remainder of their lives,” says Justin Braman, athletic director. “Our goal with this program is to encourage exercise in the morning to get their day started right. Studies show that exercise for just 15 minutes of moderate intensity daily will increase the students’ focus, improve test scores [and] mood, and decrease the chance of illness.”

Students select their own exercise activities with the Fitbits tracking their movements. Some choose to run each morning with staff members to nearby Camp Umpqua and back, while others walk laps around the covered walkway in the evenings and still others participate in organized sports.

The FitBits allow the teens lots of choices and flexibility for their fitness plans. They join Milo's Fitbit community group so Braman can easily assess their progress, and each day they connect their Fitbits via USB to a computer where they upload their data to the community group.  

Senior varsity soccer team captain Nick Portra says, “It motivates me to exercise and get my 13,000 steps per day.” Nonvarsity students have a goal of 10,000 steps, which earns them 100 points each day. Everyone participates for the first and third quarters, and if they choose to continue they will earn physical education credit for that semester.

For more information about the fitness program, contact Braman at