November 26, 2016

About Those Goats ...

[Regarding Let's Talk, "Goats," October] I had 11 horses. If I had 10 strands of wire for a fence, one of those horses would find her way through. That was Lady, the filly; she would always find a way to get through those 10 wires to get to the other side.

Sometimes I just put one wire up in between the fields, and my other 10 horses would stay in the field where I wanted them to be. They weren't perfect, but they were like good sheep. Years later I bought goats for brush control.

After a short time I realized why Jesus said the goats would be on His left and the sheep would be on His right. (And why Grandma sometimes would yell at Grandpa, "You old goat!") The 40 goats were high-maintenance, always having health issues and getting out. And they would not stay together. But searching for them and healing them helped me have patience and realize what a Good Shepherd was. Pastors and others, go look for those goats missing from your pasture.

Rand Meyers, via email