Lents Health Talks Expand With Guest-Motivated Prayer Circle

November 02, 2016 | Carol Specht

Jackie Whitt came to Lents Better Living Center with a yearning to improve her physical and spiritual life. She had been to the Impact Your Health free weekend clinic in Portland and had obtained eye glasses. While at the clinic, she had been invited to the Lents Church program Life More Abundantly, which was coming Sept. 7–10. She attended the three-part program for each of the four evening sessions and shared her gratitude for the presentations. 

Ron and Silvy Rihenna, both registered nurses, led this program, with Steve Madsen, Lents Church pastor, advising. Silvy Rihenna and her assistants prepared meals to serve to the guests, who watched a demonstration of the recipes. Joyce Choe, a physician, shared why certain health practices help us live better lives. Jonny Wilkening, a lay preacher, gave visual presentations with the purpose of answering life’s most perplexing questions by sharing Bible texts and, most importantly, salvation through Jesus. 

After the formal meeting ended, church members talked and prayed with Whitt because she had noted on her registration form she would like to pray with someone. During these prayer sessions, we learned about her personal trials and challenges, both past and present. She mentioned she has three teenage children. Lois Smith, who had made decorative veggie plates and trays, gave these to Jackie to take home to her family. Smith also carved out designs on watermelons and gave them to attendees as prizes. 

We were blessed by association with our other guests. A Latino couple had a Spanish Adventist couple translate for them. Two Chinese sisters were assisted by a Chinese couple from our church. A Muslim lady came twice for the cooking and health portions.  

Most remarkably, however, Whitt’s prayer circle grew night by night. We were drawn in. We felt more in touch with ourselves and others after our interactions with her, a special blessing. The next Sabbath after the Abundant Life Program, Whitt came for the church service. We plan to follow up with this open-hearted lady who provides more insight into ourselves.