It is Fall So Let’s Get Lost.

November 25, 2016 | Angela Binder

So much excitement filled Blodgett View Christian School in Hamilton, Montana, when the students suddenly realized that fall had come to the valley. That meant it was time to visit the Missoula Corn Maze.

Every year the school goes on this adventure of getting lost in the maze, which is located about an hour away in Missoula, Montana. Mountain View Christian School helps host the maze every year, and they do a wonderful job of coming up with different facts and clues to hide throughout the maze for students to find. There was a smaller hay maze and a petting zoo that the students were thrilled to experience. 

Two Blodgett View students made it out of the corn maze within 20 minutes of entering the maze. When their teacher asked how they were able to go through so fast, Jaiden Veldboom replied, “You just keep your left hand out and touch the side of the maze. You will eventually find your way out.” With that, they ran back into the maze.

Once the students found their way out, they enjoyed running back in to show others the way through or to find the secret yellow rock. This special rock was the key to earning a special prize, which one group was lucky enough to get their hands on. 

Some of the students stated they had a good time trying to get lost in the maze or finding the hole punches for the facts and clues. One of the younger students said, “I really enjoyed petting the cute donkeys and duckies.”  A looming storm waited until the students left, so they enjoyed a dry maze experience.