Conference Staff Celebrate Let's Move Day

November 06, 2016 | Kathy Marson

Office staff in Upper Columbia Conference (UCC) in Spokane, Wash., enjoyed a walk on the Jay Sloop Memorial Trail Monday, Sept. 19, to celebrate Let's Move Day, which was set for Sept. 18, 2016, by In Step for Life.

UCC staff have been walking daily since the completion of the Jay Sloop Trail, which offers about 1 mile of scenic walking through trees and fields surrounding the conference office. This trail was completed and dedicated April 6.

The trail has been used for walking meetings, a place of solitude and for daily 1-mile walks by office staff. "I love the trail because I get to be outside in the woods," says Denise Kinney, UCC youth department and Camp MiVoden administrative assistant.

Cheryl Wallace, the Pathfinders, Adventurers and family life administrative assistant, says, "When I walk the trail I think about Jay Sloop. He would say, 'Cheryl, you need to get out and walk,' and it gives me the opportunity to exercise in a safe environment." Sloop, a medical doctor activie in UCC health ministries, passed away during a mission trip to Ukraine in 2013.

The In Step for Life is a program set by the North American Division to promote more physical activity. Its goal is to engage kids, youth, parents, schools, churches and community to work together to fight obesity. If your church or school would like to participate, go to Adventist In Step for Life.