Medford Church Celebrates Birthdays, Summer and Baptisms

October 25, 2016 | Valerie Lepage

A special evening took place on June 12 at the Medford Church to celebrate 21 of church members who have reached and exceeded a milestone of 90 years of life. Honorees included: Harold Ballard, 91; Arlean Bechtel, 91; Margaret Blankenship, 93; Dorothea Bom, 92; Burnadine Bratton, 90; Gladys Burrill, 97; Betty Derrick, 94; Marian Dewey, 94; Verna Easton, 97; Cliff Fellows, 93; Maxine Fellows, 93; Clarence Hayward, 91; Marian Isaac, 97; Dora McKinnis, 94; Bert Mehling, 90; Eugene Mitchell, 90; Bertie Shollenburg, 90; Alma Sizemore, 92; Doris Stringer, 94; Clara Tall, 92; and Ruth Weir, 91. In honor of this achievement the church family held a strawberry social.

On July 2, 35 members and friends of the Medford Church enjoyed a summer hike to beautiful Rainie Falls.

July 9 was a special day at the Medford Church with the baptism of four special people. Dan McCulloch, Medford Church pastor, and Michael Brackett, Medford Church associate pastor, baptized Bon Dysart and his son, Bob Dysart, as well as Rita Quave and her granddaughter, Juliet Quave.