Camp Lorraine Hosts Camp Meeting

October 25, 2016 | Nathaniel Stearman

Our Southeast Alaska Camp Meeting was a wonderful success. Our camp meeting takes place on Vank Island, at Camp Lorraine.

Camp Lorraine is just a few miles by boat from Wrangell. Many come from surrounding islands via boat, while others come from farther away by ferry or air to Wrangell and then by boat to our beautiful camp. We have both our yearly camp meeting and summer camp here.

This year’s camp meeting guests enjoyed inspiration from our southeast Alaska pastors and our newly elected conference president, Kevin Miller. Our guest speaker, Virgil Covel, from the Kansas-Nebraska Conference, inspired his listeners with renewed faith as he spoke about prayer and surrender.

Using personal stories and Scripture, Covel inspired us to trust God with both big and little matters in life, affirming often the compassionate care and trustworthiness of our God. My faith was enriched, along with that of our Alaska Camps’ staff. Our Southeast Alaska Camp Meeting is a very special time for the summer camp staff.

For most of the summer, staff members are immersed in camp activities, but for this one weekend they are able to enjoy the inspiration of our speakers.

On Friday evening, when Covel called for those who would be interested in doing prayer ministry, our camp staff responded with huge interest. They know how much prayer is needed and were eager to engage in prayer ministry. I too came away with a deeper trust and greater sense of the joy and privilege of prayer.

You too can be part of the Camp Lorraine experience. Our camp is a wonderful Alaskan adventure, open to anyone. Camp meeting is scheduled for the last weekend of July, and summer camp follows that Sunday — with lots of fun and inspiration. Our facilities are also available for use by groups, such as family reunions or group retreats.

If you would like to be part of the great adventure, visit our website and like us on Facebook.