Selawik Holds Baptism

September 23, 2016 | Jim Kincaid

For years, Marie Savok looked forward to the day her husband, Peachy, became a baptized member of the Adventist Church. That day finally arrived on July 9.

Marie was baptized many years ago in the river in front of the church. Her own parents, Paul and Bessie Ballot, were among the first people in Selawik to join the Adventist Church more than 75 years ago.

Peachy has been a Bible student and supportive of the church all along. But employment issues delayed his baptism for a long while. For medical reasons, the Savoks lived in Anchorage for two years and regularly attended the Second Mile Adventist Church. This was a very encouraging experience for them.

Peachy counts among his mentors former missionaries John Topkok, Mark Carr, Ken Nash, Don Harris, Warren Downs, and Jim and Linda Kincaid. He also gives credit to his wife, Marie, and fellow church members Fred Davis, Daniel and Amelia Davis, Ed and Helen Loon, and others.

Sometimes missionaries and church administrators alike question the wisdom of the continual investment of critical funds in mission work in a place that is so expensive to operate and results are sometimes slow in coming. When we witness the power of God in the lives of people, it makes the investment of time and resources seem more than worthwhile.

Alaska members appreciate the commitment of those who give of their resources so that missionaries can live, work and travel to these far-flung places. If you would like to experience living with and working for the Alaska Native people, contact the Alaska Conference at 907-346-1004. There are almost always openings that need to be filled. Tell the person who answers the phone you are interested in the Arctic Mission Adventure Program.