Redmond Members Enjoy Wonderful Wilderness Wednesdays

September 29, 2016 | Lorene Ferguson

This summer, Norman Versteeg, Redmond Church pastor, wondered how to give the church family's children a chance to enjoy the beauty of central Oregon's wildnerness.

Versteeg went to the church board with an idea: weekly hikes for adults and children alike from local Adventist churches and their invitees.

The plan turned into a great success. Hiking adventures were held in a new location each Wednesday for a total of eight weeks. Versteeg had T-shirts printed with "WWW" (Wonderful Wilderness Wednesdays) and “enjoying God’s creation."

The event attracted a weekly turnout of 20 to 30 adults and children. The final walk, held on Aug. 10, concluded at Versteeg’s home for watermelon and root beer floats.