Wildfire Conference Alight With God's Glory

August 25, 2016 | Kelly Lin

More than 100 young adults attended Start a Wildfire conference, held at Auburn Adventist Academy Aug. 12–13.

Pastors Randy Maxwell and Matthew Kirk led interactive group discussions that helped to rekindle God’s purpose for each individual attendee, many of whom traveled across the country to participate. In today’s tumultuous culture, young people more than anyone need guidance in directing their spiritual lives for God. At the Start a Wildfire conference, young adults came together not only to receive that guidance, but also to share and encourage one another.

A part of that guidance focused on prayer, which was best exemplified through the prayer room, a place on campus where the power of prayer was practiced by the conference leaders and participants.

Throughout the two days, many shared their experiences through the workshops, breakout sessions, community outreach projects and praying over each other. Young adults felt strongly inspired to learn more about God by building a stronger relationship with Him, thus catapulting a wildfirelike desire to share His Word among those around them.

Kodi, a student of SOULS Northwest, enjoyed the group discussions with his small group because he was able to interact with people who were most likely wondering the same controversial topics as he was. Start a Wildfire was a motivating conference, as he felt that God was calling for him to have genuine communion time together. By Saturday evening, he felt convicted by God to be committed in his relationship with Christ — the most important relationship in his life — and that through the principles at Wildfire, his relationship will only grow stronger. This is only one of the many stories shared at Start a Wildfire.

The Wildfire team hopes everyone will continue to build faith in Christ, enrich their devotional experiences with the Word, and follow God closely in taking the gospel into their communities to start a wildfire in the hearts of those around them.