Tri-City Undergoes Transformations

August 20, 2016 | Erma Lee

Tri-City Adventist School (TCAS) in Pasco, Wash., has undergone and is undergoing some significant transformations. The halls and walls have been given a face-lift with new paint and carpet. The library now has a well-appointed room of its own after some partitions were moved. The office had a face-lift, and a redesign and refurbishing of the kitchen was included.

Another change comes with the retirement of Verna Canaday, who has served the school in a number of capacities during her 31 years. Former students may recall some of the things they learned in her classes. She will be missed.

Spencer Hannah will be assuming the reins as principal for the coming year. As an experienced administrator and teacher, he brings fresh ideas and great leadership to the school.

The school has an annual talent contest open to all students from kindergarten through 10th grade. For this year’s contest, 11 students landed a spot on the program, in addition to those who displayed beautiful art and incredible crafts. 

The judges selected three top performers. For the first time, fourth-grader Alex Irvine ventured into the competition with some slight-of-hand tricks and was awarded the third-place spot. Mayumi Evangelista, a second-grader with a bell-tone voice, earned second place with her rendition of “Jesus Take the Wheel.” And Keziah Mugisha, who is new to the school this year as a kindergartener, placed first for her incredible knowledge of presidential facts and figures.

Mugisha claims TCAS as her school and Betty Villarreal as her teacher. She has the distinct honor of being the only girl in kindergarten this year. She can not only jump rope but also excels at tag, math, reading, and written and oral language. She has also taught herself to play “Jesus Loves Me” and “Ode to Joy” on the piano and is working to expand her repertoire.

TCAS is fortunate to have students with a variety of gifts and talents they willingly share with others — from filling shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child through Samaritan’s Purse to special music, nursing homes visits and regularly working in the local church community center packing boxes of food and assisting patrons. Last year, the seventh- and eighth-grade class opted for service work at the school and in the community, while the ninth- and tenth-graders included the cleanup of several parks in the Portland, Ore., area.