Tok Officially Becomes Church

August 19, 2016 | Ken Crawford

It was a celebratory high Sabbath for the members of the Tok Church when Ken Crawford, Alaska Conference president, and several friends from other interior Alaska church groups came to organize the congregation into an official church.

The town of Tok originated as an Alaska Road Commission camp for the construction of the Alaska Highway during World War II. It is now considered the hub of the eastern interior and the entry town for traffic coming up the Alaska Highway. The Seventh-day Adventist work started in Tok in 1990 and has continued to grow and reach out to the community. Thirty-seven charter members signed the official document organizing them as a church.

Bivocational pastor Don Lee states, "This congregation loves Jesus and knows what he has done for us. We are excited to see what he has planned for us and our community. If you get to Alaska, join us for a Sabbath and hear our testimony."