Kids Can Be Missionaries Too

August 31, 2016 | Warren Rushold

Ethiopia is almost halfway around the world from Portland. When Lucy Russell found out she was going there on a mission trip it was really scary, but, over time and with the help of her parents, she was ready when the time came. Here is her summary of the trip in her own words:

I had a very fun time in Ethiopia, except I got sick and had a minor head injury. My head is getting better now, and I’m not sick any more. We got to see hippos and ostriches. We also got to see monkeys and other cool animals.

It’s really hot. The swimming pool by our first hotel was really nasty (algae bloom), and I didn’t get to go swimming at all.

I took lots and lots of pictures. I like it there, but as I said, it’s too hot, and I didn’t like the bugs and insects. The trip was really fun.

Activities I got to participate in included Vacation Bible School. VBS was really fun. VBS helped a lot of children. We did stories and songs, and in that way we helped hundreds of children. The stories we did were: David and Goliath, Queen Esther, Daniel and the lion’s den, and the beginning of creation. I got to be a brother and a sheep in the David and Goliath story, Queen Esther in the Esther story, the angel in the Daniel story, and Eve in the creation story.

After we stayed at the hotel with the nasty pool, we got to stay in a really nice hotel in Addis Ababa for two nights and two days. Our room was really roomy. Get it? Roomy? There were two bedrooms, a kitchen, a bathroom and a family room. It was great.

Lots of kids liked me and wanted to talk to me and play with me. It was fun, and I hope to go again soon because the children miss us. It was fun, but not as fun as going home.

Lucy was accompanied by her entire family: Sunnyside Church’s lead pastor, Jonathan Russell; her mother; Jaclyn; and her brothers, Robbie and William. In total, 38 team members plus families joined the March 16 to April 2 trip sponsored by the Sunnyside congregation, including the large group of Oromo Ethiopian Adventist brothers and sisters.

With appropriate preparation and support, kids can be missionaries too. What about the kids in your church or school?

Lucy Russell, with Warren Rushold, Sunnyside Church communication leader