'The Incredible Race' Held in Grants Pass

August 30, 2016 | Jennifer Burkes

Fifty children were part of the Incredible Race Vacation Bible School at the Grants Pass Church. The lower half of the church was transformed into turbocharged racing fun July 11–15 as the hallway became a racetrack and rooms became "checkpoints" for the race. 

"Racers" were registered trackside, then proceeded to the "grandstands." Each evening began with an assembly during which songs, skits and prayers were shared.

From there, four groups alternated through four checkpoints. Fuel was burned at the Full Throttle Games. Participants could refuel at Pit Stop Snacks with healthy and delicious treats. At High Octane Stories, famous pacesetters from the Bible were featured. During High Performance Crafts, racers discussed what they had learned and then completed a project to take home.

After crossing the finish line each night, everyone again gathered in the grandstands to sing and pray. 

VBS requires many helpers to be a success. In addition to 23 adult helpers, seven youth assisted with each evening's race. There were eight parents of the youngest participants who accompanied and helped out. "Pro racer" Donna Clifford organized the event and volunteers.

Christian Martin, Grants Pass Church pastor, was instrumental in helping racers run the race of faith at an optimal level. Only a year before, he had been confined in a neck brace during VBS. This year, he operated at full capacity, only by the grace of God.

VBS definitely had racers' motors running for Christ. Volunteers and participants were all blessed. It was an exhilarating week that won't soon be forgotten.