UCC Annual Camp Meeting

June 21, 2016

There’s something powerful about gathering with other believers to worship together and share what God is doing. Make plans to attend this year’s Upper Columbia Conference annual camp meeting, June 22–25.

As we gather together this year, we’ll be focusing on ways to grow disciples for Jesus and His kingdom. It will be a time to share and learn about living our lives intentionally. We’ve been planning all year to bring you enriching seminars, uplifting speakers and encouraging music.

Must-Attend Seminars


The Creator of the universe cares enough that He took time to share with us how to keep our bodies as healthful as possible in a broken world.  It is our prayer that the tips, ideas and recipes in these classes will help to ease some of the pressures busy people face when they are not cooking out of boxes. Discover easy meals you can share with confidence.

Adventist Health Study

Are Adventists living longer and healthier? Learn more about this topic and how it affects you. Learn what the latest findings are in 2016. Larry Beeson, a native Californian and part of the Adventist Health Study research team for more than 43 years, will share some of the more recent findings of the second Adventist Health Study.

Children's Ministry Certification Program

For parents, educators, and all who love working with children and teens. Five seminars will complete one-half of the necessary training for the Children's Ministries Leadership Certification.

The five seminars offered include:

  1. Meeting the Needs of 21st Century Kids
  2. Learning Styles/Temperaments
  3. Bible Learning Activities
  4. Teaching Children to Think
  5. Teaching From Nature

Nature’s Creator

If you love nature, you will want to seriously consider this seminar. Together we will explore and review just how God intends to use nature to draw us closer to Himself. In each seminar session we will take a "field trip" on the big screen and travel to a most beautiful location. Each of the six seminars sessions will be unique and different but will stand alone, so plan to stop by for a "field trip" once or twice during camp meeting.


Paul's letter to the Romans has been compared to spiritual "dynamite," and rightly so. No other book in the Bible has sparked as much spiritual revival and reformation through the centuries. Learn how a clearer understanding of the letter to the Romans can revolutionize your spiritual life as it did for Martin Luther, John Wesley, early Adventists in the 1880s and 1890s, and many others

Find out all the seminar options at uccsda.org/campmeeting.

On Sabbath afternoon, June 25, 2016, at 3 p.m. in the Big Tent, Matt and Josie Minikus will present a special music concert. Matt and Josie have toured with the ARISE Songs of Ascent music team and travel on their own tours.

"We try to be an encouragement and blessing to each person we meet," Josie says, "but in the end I think we come away from each encounter having received far greater blessings than we ever could have given.” Their concerts gently enfold the rapt audiences with the presence of Jesus; one cannot hear them and be left unmoved.