Stevensville Holds Thanksgiving Feast

June 16, 2016 | Virginia Davis

Hay bales, a large assortment of pumpkins and twinkling lights greeted the eyes of happy visitors and members of the Stevensville Church in anticipation of the second annual Neighborhood Thanksgiving Feast.

Guests from Hamilton to Missoula were present for the festivities. Many children enjoyed the activities especially planned for them. Gary Patchen played special dinner music as guests enjoyed the abundant variety of delicious food.

Rob Liss, Stevensville Church associate pastor, made everyone feel a special bond with each other as he addressed the crowd in welcome and called them “our special friends.” Everyone agreed God has given each many things for which to be thankful

After most guests departed, those members remaining agreed the feast was a resounding success and said, “Let’s do it again next Thanksgiving.”