Golden Eagles Discover God Cares About Weather

June 20, 2016 | Joe States

The last weekend in April started so cold and rainy, the Golden Eagles Pathfinders feared the weather would last the entire weekend — including during their bike-a-thon on Sunday. Knowing they have a special Friend who can change stuff like weather, they prayed about the weather and handed it off to God. The Pathfinders knew if God wanted to provide a nice day for this major fundraiser to support Pathfinders, He surely would.

Some wanted to cancel the ride, but, if God chose to make a miracle, they were going to be there to see it and do their part. And God didn't disappoint them.

After days of rain, cold weather and flooded trail sections, Sunday, April 24, arrived dry and warmer. The Pathfinders began their ride at 8 a.m. in Merrill Park in their hometown of Eagle. With dry paths, low river levels, moderate temperatures and no wind, it was really the best riding weather in the five-year history of the bike-a-thon. The Golden Eagles Pathfinder Club was joined by Pathfinders from the Pocatello Falcons and Caldwell Flames clubs, a staff member from the Experience Mustangs, and a couple students from Gem State Adventist Academy in Caldwell.

Staff and kids alike collected pledges of all sizes, ranging from a penny per mile up to $1 per mile, prior to riding as many miles as they could in 10 hours. As a group, the club members rode 1,334.75 miles. Most Pathfinders exceeded the 50-mile requirement for the Cycling honor.

This event was made possible by a miracle from God and the many generous volunteers who ran the three refreshment stands along the 9.25-mile loop of the Eagle and Garden City greenbelt trails.