NPUC Approves Two Digital Media Grants

May 19, 2016 | Northwest

Early this year, the North Pacific Union Conference (NPUC) announced its desire to provide matching grants for digital media projects to strengthen the church’s mission throughout the Northwest. A maximum of six grants up to $10,000 each were made available for 2016. Potential applicants were directed to the digital media fund online page for more information.

During May, two such matching grants were approved.

Screaming Rock Media based in Hailey, Idaho, proposed equipping and training up to 10 small churches for active online video content. The NPUC has agreed to provide matching funds of $800 for each approved church project within Northwest local conferences once local funds are in place.

The second proposal was from Boise Valley Adventist School in Boise, Idaho, which seeks to implement a public web presence to highlight the “Adventist Advantage” of schools throughout the Treasure Valley. It hopes to change the narrative about Adventist school, using tools from the Value Genesis and Cognitive Genesis studies. The NPUC has agreed to provide matching funds of $4,500 for this project.

More information about the NPUC digital media project matching funds is available online.