Young People Make the Commitment for Christ

April 08, 2016

The Grants Pass Church was blessed to see baptisms of three young people on two high Sabbaths. Considering the challenges they face in this world, it is truly a joy when young people choose to commit to Christ.

Seth Ermshar, 12-year-old son of Philip and Cheri Ermshar, was baptized on Jan. 30. He is a student at the local Adventist school, where his father is principal. Those relatives not living in Grants Pass traveled some distance to witness his baptism.

Christian Martin, Grants Pass Church pastor, reminded Seth that he was being baptized into a larger extended family, an Adventist family that would love and pray for him always. Cheri sang “Baptized in His Name” as a tribute. Pictures from Seth’s life were projected for all to enjoy, celebrating his birth and rebirth. Seth will no doubt be an inspiration for his classmates who are considering the decision for Christ.

The harvest was plentiful Sabbath morning, Feb. 6. Micah Cothran, 17, and his sister, Eve, 14, were ready to die to self and begin their new life with Christ. The journey to baptism actually began five years ago with Chuck Austin, Grants Pass Church Bible worker. Two years ago, Micah and Eve both hungered for truth and wanted to learn more. They began Bible studies, learning the Word and what Christ did for them.

The siblings soon made the decision for baptism. “They have gentle, teachable spirits," says Austin. "They show sincere interest and even ask questions on various subjects at times. They are growing in their understanding of God's Word.” Both are students of North Valley High School, where they now look for opportunities to share Christ with friends and acquaintances.

Late last year, Micah and Eve’s parents, Nick and Angela Zook, were baptized. It’s truly exciting to see an entire family ready for Christ's return. This family shines with the hope of Christ and the purity of His love. 

Jennifer Burkes and Brian Rice, Grants Pass Church communication team