Garnet Members Renew Commitment

February 14, 2016 | Eve Rusk

Reconsecration is a time to remember what drives you, what your purpose is. Like renewing a marriage vow, reconsecrating is recommitting yourself, or in this case, your church, to that which you love.

On Dec. 19, 2015, Garnet (aka Homedale) Church members renewed their commitment to each other and to the work God has placed before them in the communities of Wilder and Homedale.

It was a celebration of their new name, chosen to more accurately reflect where the church is located, on Garnet Road in Wilder. The church initially had its start in Homedale and kept the Homedale name when property was donated in Wilder for a new church. With a recent remodel and refurbishing, the members felt the need of a reference point, an affirmation of their commitment to God’s work.

David Hoewing, church treasurer, shared from Nehemiah 7. Like the inhabitants of the city of Jerusalem when it was rebuilt under the direction of Nehemiah, the Garnet congregation is small in number but mighty in their plans for reaching their communities.

Notable in the list of exiles who returned to Jerusalem after captivity in Babylon are Azariah and Mordecai, who played large roles as recorded in the books of Daniel and Esther, respectively. Notable in attendance for the Garnet Church was Helen Payne, sole remaining charter member of the Homedale Church.

Members of all ages participated in the special service, including the beginners and kindergarten Sabbath School children’s special music. Mostly the parents sang as the young ones, dressed as angels, performed simple gestures to emphasize parts of the song.

David Prest Jr., Idaho Conference president, shared a message, “Revive Us Again,” based on 2 Chronicles 7. John Rogers, Idaho Conference vice president of finance/administration, and Eve Rusk, Idaho Conference communication and planned giving director, participated in the service with an offering call and special music. Bonnie, Nidia and Heather Hoewing shared their musical talents through piano and voice.

At the end of the service, Sue Asselin was baptized by Jason Hoewing, local church elder. Asselin’s introduction to the Adventist Church came through her neighbor, Rudy Garcia. When no one else would help, Garcia was a friend indeed. Through that friendship, Asselin was invited to a Bible study led by Hoewing. The members of the Garnet Church loved Asselin into a growing relationship with Jesus.

Following the Adventist tradition, a wonderful potluck followed the service. One person missing that day was the pastor, Michael Pearson, and his wife, Karen, due to an unavoidable conflict. Pearson shared greetings via a note to the church members.

Plans for 2016 include getting to know more of their neighbors. Subdivisions are popping up around the area, and, while many church members live in other local communities, they recognize that their greatest mission field surrounds their church property.