Havre Church Sponsors Bible Prophecy Seminar

January 07, 2016 | Leo Beardsley

Tim Rumsey of Pathway to Paradise Ministries held a three-week Bible prophecy seminar at the Havre Church during October. Members had prepared by handing out Bible study guides written by Ty Gibson to interested folks in the community. Young people canvassed Havre during the summer as well. Handbills were mailed to Havre and surrounding zip codes, and radio and newspaper advertising was prepared by Norman Johnson, pastor.

Rumsey showed how the chiastic Hebrew literary device places Christ at the center of Scripture and kept Christ at the center of each presentation. Attendies were reminded of the prophecies that pointed to Christ’s life, suffering and death. Rumsey showed how, with the exception of the second death that He suffered, we can expect that what happened to the Head (Eph. 5:23) will also happen to the body (1 Cor. 12).

The Havre membership was strengthened, enlightened and encouraged by the messages. A number of nonmembers attended, and several are studying in preparation for baptism. As we review the prophecies of Scripture, it is so exciting to note current events and realize how soon Christ will return.