Shungnak Hosts Family Evangelism

December 16, 2015 | Tobin Dodge

The Shungnak Adventist Mission hosted Tobin Dodge, Delta Junction and North Pole churches pastor, for a 10-day evangelistic series in September. With his wife, Virlyn, and their six children, Dodge brought a special focus on family issues and relationships and offered ways to break Satan's bonds.

Nature threw a curveball as a wave of caribou migrated over nearby Brooks Range. When the caribou migrate, the locals go hunting. Despite this interruption, several community members attended the meetings, along with up to 20 children each night.

Each evening began with a joint meeting for adults and children during which Dodge described various character traits by comparing them to different types of animals. Then the children got to enjoy their own special program while the adults continued to learn more about practical and direct information about family life.

Located north of the Arctic Circle, Shungnak has a rich history of ministry, with a steady Adventist presence there for many years. While they looked forward to seeing their own home, the Dodge family felt the pull of heart strings as they boarded the plane to leave. They took with them the bonds of friendship they forged with both their missionary hosts and new friends in the village.