Youth Rush Produces E-Book

November 08, 2015 | Heidi Baumgartner

Participants in Washington Youth Rush produced a 32-page e-book about their answers to prayer and divine appointments while ministering door to door in western Washington.

“We wrote it with the goal of having something to remind us how God led us throughout this year and give us something to share with others,” explains Caleb Maccarone, Washington Conference literature ministries coordinator. “These stories not only demonstrate to the reader God’s leading and collaboration with us in our ministry, but also give a realistic picture of the personal experiences of each student.”

The stories are told on a first-name basis. One story tells how money was tight, and a family member was in the hospital battling cancer at one household. The couple expressed interest in two children’s books, and Desiree felt impressed to pull out a copy of Peace Above the Storm (Steps to Christ) too.

As Desiree placed the book in the woman’s hand, she said, “It will help you find freedom from worry, guilt and fear.”

The woman looked shocked and surprised. “Were you sent here or something?” she asked. She showed the book to her husband, who started crying. The book was just what they needed in the moment.

The Youth Rush e-book, The Word of Our Testimony, contains this story and others, like about a young boy who only read books about God, a grieving drunk, a gentleman who had previously purchased and abandoned a copy of The Great Controversy, and more. Download a copy at