Havre District Welcomes New Pastor

November 03, 2015 | Leo Beardsley

Merlin Knowles, Montana Conference president, presented a new pastoral family to the Havre District on Sabbath, Aug. 29. It had been more than 11 months since the former pastor had been called to the Ronan District, and the church family is happy to welcome Norman and Dawn Johnson and their son, Randy. 

The Johnsons are from British Columbia, Canada, and getting through the Department of Homeland Security process proved arduous. They bring considerable experience after pastoring churches in Minnesota and British Columbia for a number of years. Their interest in outdoor activities makes their new post a good fit, as does Norman’s years of experience as a long-haul truck driver — the Havre District is more than 150 miles in length, from Fort Belknap in the east to Shelby and beyond in the west. 

Knowles delivered an inspiring message on the conversion of the thief on the cross, Christ’s righteousness that is ours by faith, and God’s grace and forgiveness.

Please keep the Havre Church's ongoing evangelistic efforts in your prayers.