New Member Feels 'Like Family'

October 14, 2015 | Cathy Law

One day as Gail Resser and Sue Clark were working in the basement of the church, the door opened. A woman looked in and said, “I want Bible studies.”

It is not every day that someone walks in off the street and makes such a request, but Debi Gingras’ hunger to know what the Bible said was keen. Clark, Resser and Judy Siebert of the St. Maries Church in Idaho studied once a week with Gingras, surrounding her with love and support as the months went by.

“She was interested in everything and so open to truth,” Clark says. They completed the Discover Bible Guides, began on a prophecy study and eagerly watched Charles Byrd’s DVD series Thunder in the Holy Land.

When Gingras requested baptism, family members, friends and church members met at the riverbank of the St. Joe on Sabbath afternoon, Aug. 22.

After speaking about the symbolism of baptism, Ryan Clark waded into the river with Gingras. Following the baptism John Pierce, St. Maries Church pastor, closed the service with prayer.

“I feel as if I belong now,” Gingras glowed. “I feel like family.”