Camp Polaris: Face-Lift Cheers Uplifted Faces

October 07, 2015 | Laurie Hosey

She truly loves red — red, red, red. The transitional face-lift at Camp Polaris on Lake Aleknagik made Debbie Reiswig, camp manager, cry a little when she saw the new red cabins. They are beautiful if you like red, and they are beautiful if you like warm, dry, new and spacious.

The uplifted camper faces shone with awe as they entered the new cabins, smelled the new wood, saw the “no leak” roof system, warmed up by the wood stove and slept in the new bunks.

All of this face-lifting comes because of the generous donations of the worldwide Seventh-day Adventist Church offerings and some insurance funds provided by Adventist Risk Management.

The other obvious attraction is the new metal roof put on the lodge by a group from Moses Lake, Wash. The group arrived in July and, from the youngest kids to the oldest adults, including one age 94, worked and worked until they ran out of materials. Even then they wouldn’t quit, and they moved into Dillingham and worked on the school there.

The offerings totaled a bit more than $51,000. The camp is moving forward with the 13th Sabbath Project, which received almost $285,000. It is specified for flushing toilets and showers, which seem like a luxury but will actually help campers keep clean and sanitary.

With all these blessings from God, staff members are praying that the clean, warm, dry campers will be more receptive to God reaching out to them through nature and the staff at Camp Polaris, as the staff uplifts Jesus.