Tillamook Community Services Gets Egg-stra Surprise

September 09, 2015 | Shirley Thomas

Donna Parks, Tillamook Adventist Community Services (TACS) leader, and her crew of volunteers are busy people, serving with love those in need in Tillamook County. But they were recently surprised when they received a special telephone call from a local farmer with a major gift.

When Parks was asked if she could use some eggs, she responded, "Of course, and thank you. How many are we talking about?"

Imagine her shock when the farmer asked, "Can you use a thousand dozen?" Within 36 hours, she and her many helpers scrambled to distribute 680 dozen eggs.

Open Tuesday and Thursday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., TACS, in partnership with the Salvation Army, distributes food, clothing and household items to the needy without charge. TACS served 2,955 people last year, distributing 68,078 items of clothing, 1,124 pieces of bedding and 11,833 household items. Volunteers contributed 4,371 hours of personal time.

The agency, located at the east end of town, just across from the local Adventist church, is one of the first agencies visitors note as they enter or leave town. Much volunteer labor has gone into remodeling and refurbishing the building, now named the Herald Center.

These volunteers pray they may represent the love of the Creator to those who do not know Him and to witness to them about a soon-returning Savior.