Three Pastors Ordained in Washington

September 03, 2015

Three pastors in Washington Conference were ordained in May and June: Ofa Langi, Carlos Felipe Andino and Martin Kim.

Journey of Faith

Langi’s faith journey took a significant turn at the age of 12, when he lost his father. He describes himself during this time as an angry, arrogant adolescent who rebelled against the instruction from his Tongan Adventist home. He found himself empty, unfulfilled, addicted and searching for something to fill the void of his father’s death.

A few years later, Langi found himself pinned inside an old work truck that had crashed into a palm tree. This accident was God’s wake-up call. Doctors told Langi he must be drug- and alcohol-free for six to nine months if he wished to walk again. In the hospital emergency room, Langi made a commitment to release his addictions and be obedient to God’s leading in his life.

Langi went back to school, found employment, felt called to ministry, pursued more education and accepted associate pastor positions at the Kirkland and North Cascade churches. He and his wife, Jackie, have three small children.

A Specific Dream

Andino remembers having the same disturbing dream for seven consecutive days. In the dream, Andino saw Christ returning and saw how he was left behind. After the seventh day of the dream, Andino fell on his knees, prayed and accepted Jesus as his personal Savior.

God provided opportunities for Andino to receive education training in religion, pastoral ministry, Christian counseling and clinical counseling through the doctorate level. At the same time, Andino found practical experience with working with the homeless, former Adventists, drug addicts and youth. The Holy Spirit blessed his local and international ministry in 12 countries with more than 5,000 baptisms in 30 years.

A Life of Ministry

Kim decided to spend a year teaching English in Korea after spending three years studying Spanish in Spain with an intent to enter into dentistry. While in Korea, Kim became very ill and disillusioned with life. God orchestrated a series of events that led Kim to study religion at Weimar College in California and to experience the deep satisfaction of a life of missions and ministry.

In addition to pastoring at Seattle Central Korean Church as an associate pastor and at Southcenter Church, Kim also has had the privilege of working with three ministries: Adventist Southeast Asia Projects, ARME Ministries and Amazing Facts. He and his wife, Liana, have shared God’s Word in 15 countries.