New Excitement Fills Auburn

September 09, 2015

There is a new excitement on campus with several reasons why!

Milestone Class: Auburn Adventist Academy is enrolling a freshmen class this year who will become, in four years, the 100th graduating class.

New Leadership Team: Auburn Adventist Academy has a new leadership team including John Soulé, principal, who brings 25 years of education leadership; Marko Oksanen, business manager; and Roxanne Wickward, registrar.

Revived Dorm Program: Auburn’s community of friends and alumni have rallied together to revive and strengthen its dormitory program. Teresa Soulé, girls’ dean, and Nathan Klingstrand, boys’ dean, are joining the administrative team. They both have a strong spiritual dorm program planned, utilizing their combined 27 years of residential experience. Their goal is to mentor young men and young women to follow God in spiritual, social, physical and academic activities, creating an atmosphere of growth for both students and parents.

Students have two options with the dorm: a five-day dorm program allows students to participate in all campus activities throughout the week and then return home to their local community every weekend. The seven-day dorm program allows students to participate in all campus activities throughout the week and the weekend with scheduled home leaves.

Focus on Servant Leadership Training: Through its curriculum and programs, Auburn will be showing its students how to practice their God-given gifts and abilities in the community and with local churches. This service training will be backed up with a solid academic and a strong Christ-centered campus ministries program.

Academic Program: Auburn’s teaching staff is a blend of both familiar and new names who are working together in a cooperative approach to create an academic program of excellence. Complementing the cooperative curriculum is a new academic tracking program to monitor students’ learning progression.

New teaching staff members include Karyle Barnes, chaplain and Bible teacher; Stacy Tejel, English and Spanish teacher; Logan Adams, athletics director; Keith Rodman, math teacher; and Joe Underhill, history teacher. Auburn has the same buildings you love, but it is a new school.

Digital Connections: The academy launched a mobile-friendly website at and continues to connect with students, parents, alumni and the church community via Facebook and Instagram.

Community Involvement: God is working on this campus through all the volunteers, parents, staff and students. Miracles are happening on this campus because this community and this conference are pulling together to make this school the top choice in Adventist Christian education in this area and to cooperate with our education partners.

Auburn has a vision that God is revealing to us. Our job is to follow His lead. Our prayer is that you will feel the presence of God here and join us in God’s work.

John Soulé, AAA principal, and Roxanne Wickward, AAA registrar