God Answers Two Churches' Prayers

September 29, 2015 | Gary Clendenon

Two churches in Hillsboro had a need. Sunset Christian Fellowship needed a pastor. Mosaic Adventist Church had a pastor but needed a permanent place to meet. For about a year, each church family had worked on achieving its goals, unaware of the other's needs. Yet each time members thought they had found the perfect solution, doors were closed on really good opportunities.

They began to wonder what God had for them and became ready to consider other options. About this time, God led them to become aware of each other and their needs. The idea arose to ask if perhaps God was leading them together. The leadership teams of both churches met several times, sharing their histories, goals and visions. Over time they became convinced they were a good fit and each met the other's need.

The leadership of both churches brought this concept of merging two churches into one for the members to ponder and then vote on. The members agreed. On May 24 these churches met together and, under the leadership of conference officials, officially formed a new congregation.

God had answered their prayers in a surprising way. The temporary name of this new church is “59th Court Church,” and it meets at 3033 SE 59th Ct., Hillsboro, OR 97123. Visitors are welcome.