Anniversary Celebrates New Life

September 10, 2015 | Angela Fuller

Members of the Romanian Church in Portland, Ore., joined with heaven on May 23 in celebrating two wonderful events in the lives of Victor and Maria Andritchi. On the same day that Daniel Ciobanu, Romanian Church pastor, baptized Victor into new life in Christ and into the Adventist Church, the couple celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary. 

Originally from Eastern Europe, the couple immigrated with their family to the United States, and Maria, already a Seventh-day Adventist, became a member at the Portland Romanian Church. Although Victor believed the Adventist message and had been ready to commit to baptism 12 years ago, he had been discouraged as Satan tempted him to look at the imperfect lives of people instead of keeping his eyes on Jesus. "Yet God had great patience with me, caring for me all the time I was apart from Him,” Victor explained during his testimony of faith in front of the church.

With God’s patience, Victor came to understand that he could only look for perfection in Jesus, the Lord and Savior who suffered and died not only for Victor's sins but for the sins of all men. "Now I have the privilege of working to help others who have not yet taken this step, to make the same commitment that I am making today," Victor added.

After the service, friends and church members, along with the children and grandchildren of the Andritchis, filled the fellowship hall to celebrate. Victor and Maria’s daughter Irina gave a tribute of praise to God for her father’s decision to be baptized as well as for the witness of her parents’ strong marriage. "There is nothing more beautiful than knowing that our whole family will be in heaven together," she said.